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Abdurrahman Al Ussi With Surah Rahman Listen With Arabic Writing Reading

Assalamuallaikum Dear Brothers in IslamI come from a non muslim country & grew up in a town where there were not much muslims & closest masjid being over 40mins drive. I had no opportunity of learning the quran although I secretly nutured the thought of reciting the quran melodiously.At 30 yrs I got married & one of the gifts that I got was a Full Quran CD pack from an eldrely uncle of mine.He had bought this gift specially for me,on his return from performing Hajj which I part financed. After gathering dust for many months, I did make effort to listen to the CD & I was so amused by the recitation. Its been nearly 10 years since & hardly a day passes without me listening to a CD. Sometime for hours on MP3 listening to a loop.All praises be to Allah,I have memorised Surah AlBaqara, Al Kahf,Al Mulk and a number of other surah's just by listening. I never drive without reciting what I have memorised & spend all my spare time doing same & trying to expand verses that I have memorised. It has truly transformed me into a peaceful person & instilled in me a lot of strength to face many challenges in life. May Allah reward Sheikh Suddais for his beautiful recitation through the CD's. Allah chose him to guide me out of a state of Jahiliya.

Abdurrahman Al Ussi With Surah Rahman Listen With Arabic Writing Reading




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