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ENISA - Tears Hit The Ground [Official Music Video]

In 2015, Enisa began performing cover songs to artists such as David Guetta and Sia ("Titanium"), Hozier ("Take Me to Church"), Justin Timberlake ("Cry Me a River") and Adele ("Hello"). After graduating from high school she had wanted to get into the music industry,[8] and filmed her first video with a photographer friend who wanted to get into videography.[1] Her cover of Hozier's song hit 100,000 views on YouTube within three months,[13] while a reupload posted by a Facebook page amassed one million views in three days.[14] Enisa has stated in interviews that her lack of connections in the industry prompted her to post herself performing cover songs as a way to showcase her talent and she hoped that it would grab the attention of a music producer or a manager.[5][8]

ENISA - Tears Hit The Ground [Official Music Video]

In 2016, she released her debut single "Burn This Bridge" on September 15,[16] with the music video releasing on November 23.[17] Enisa had been inspired to write the song after being discouraged by someone in the industry who she thought would help her instead tell her that "I didn't have what it takes and I wasn't good enough basically ... I just took it out on the studio. I wrote a song and I was feeling it like 'I don't need you, I could do this on my own.'"[8] The song went on to be used in a Beats Electronics advertisement starring soccer player Alex Morgan in June 2017.[18]

In 2017, she released her sophomore single "Glory Days" on May 26.[19] It went on to be her first placement in a film soundtrack when it was featured in the opening scene of Miss Virginia (2019).[20] Enisa released her third single "Freedom" on August 25, with the music video releasing on September 10.[5][21] She was featured on Statik Selektah's single "Ain't a Damn Thing Change," alongside G-Eazy and Joey Badass, released on November 30.[10]

Enisa released her fourth single "Reunite" and its music video on February 4, 2018. It was a tribute song to her uncle who had died years earlier.[22] After graduating from college in May, she began pursuing her music career full-time at age 22.[11] On October 18, she teased a collaboration track with French singer Scridge, which went on to be "Karma (Remix)".[23] Following prolonged delays, Enisa confirmed in June 2019 that the French label had canceled its release.[24] After the track was leaked in October 2019,[25] it was officially released on November 15.[26] Enisa performed a number of cover songs from 2018 through 2020, one of which was her cover of "Mockingbird" by Eminem that she released on December 9, 2018, which went on to amass 10 million views on YouTube by December 2020.[27]

In 2019, she released her fifth single "Wait For Love" and its music video on July 6.[28] Enisa was featured on Termanology and Dame Grease's single "Travel The World", alongside Bun B, released on September 19, with the music video releasing on January 29, 2020.[29] She released her sixth single "Something Beautiful" and its music video on December 15, being a tribute to the victims of the 2019 Albania earthquake which had struck on November 26.[30]

In 2020, she released her seventh single "Love Cycle" and its music video on September 18.[33] After it went viral and gained particular attention among Nigerian fans, she adopted the name 'Eniola' in their honor in December 2020.[34] Enisa released her eighth single "Dumb Boy" and its music video on November 20.[35] She recorded the song at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic which forced her to become proficient with video editing and Ableton audio software. Enisa styled her own hair and makeup, and recorded, edited and color corrected all her video releases that year.[9][36] Both music videos went on to amass 12 millions views each on YouTube within a year from their respective releases.

In 2021, she was featured on Tanzanian singer Rayvanny's "Number One (Remix)" released on February 1,[37] with the music video releasing on February 24.[38] Enisa released her ninth single "Count My Blessings" and its music video on February 26.[39] The song sampled Tunisian singer Saber Rebaï's rendition of "Sidi Mansour."[40] Enisa released her single "Love Cycle (Remix)" featuring Nigerian singer Davido on March 26.[41] She released her tenth solo single "Tears Hit The Ground" and its music video on July 4,[42] which went on to serve as the lead single for her debut EP released in 2022. A live acoustic version of the song was released on October 28, 2021.[43]

Highbridge The Label and Atlantic Records have announced acclaimed new singer-songwriter Enisa as the latest member of its prestigious roster. The Brooklyn-based artist is celebrating with today's premiere of a brand new single, "Tears Hit The Ground," available now at all DSPs and streaming services; an official music video is also available now. "Tears Hit The Ground" can be seen on her debut EP due for release later this summer."I finished writing this song 4 years ago and held onto it until the perfect moment. I wrote it at a time where I felt like I was getting let down left and right by everyone in my life. It's a song about feeling betrayed but feeling power in the fact that karma would make its way around and that hole that I felt like I was in would only be temporary," says Enisa.The first lady of Highbridge The Label - who recently hit #1 on both Billboard's "Next Big Sound" chart and Pandora's "Predictions" chart - has fast proven a truly global favorite, earning chart-topping success in Nigeria, Gambia, Portugal, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Sri Lanka, and India, to name a few. "Tears Hit The Ground" marks the latest in a series of increasingly popular releases from the gifted young artist, following after "Love Cycle (10.6M views)," "Dumb Boy (9.4M views)," and "Count My Blessings (15.5M views)." 041b061a72


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