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Watch Dhokha 5 Movie in Hindi HD on Netflix, Zee5, Amazon Prime Video and More

Dhokha 5 Movie in Hindi HD Free Download: A Review

Dhokha 5 is a 2023 Indian Hindi-language psychological crime thriller film directed by Kookie Gulati and produced by Bhushan Kumar under T-Series. It is the fifth installment of the Dhokha movie series, which started with Dhokha in 2007. The film stars R. Madhavan, Khushali Kumar, Aparshakti Khurana and Darshan Kumar in the lead roles. The film revolves around a terrorist who breaks into a married couple's home and takes the wife hostage, igniting a tense standoff that surfaces secrets and lies.

Dhokha 5 movie in hindi hd free download

If you are a fan of the Dhokha movie series or you love watching thrilling and suspenseful movies, you might be interested in watching or downloading Dhokha 5 movie in Hindi HD for free. In this article, we will review the plot, cast, release date and box office of Dhokha 5 movie, as well as provide you with some legal and illegal ways to watch or download it online. We will also discuss the pros and cons of Dhokha 5 movie, and answer some frequently asked questions about it.

What is Dhokha 5 Movie?

Plot summary

Dhokha 5 movie follows the story of Saanchi and Yathaarth, a married couple whose marriage is on the brink of collapse. Saanchi keeps pressuring Yathaarth to speak with his divorce lawyer, and plans to move to the United Kingdom. One day, Yathaarth sees the news at work that Haq Riyaz Gul, a terrorist, has entered his apartment when Saanchi was alone. Baffled, he rushes to the apartment complex, only to find that the Mumbai Police is already present. ACP Harishchandra Malik tries to negotiate with Gul, but in vain. Meanwhile, the media, who are present outside the apartment complex, receive news about the hostage situation and try to sensationalize it.

Yathaarth informs Malik that Saanchi was recently diagnosed with delusional disorder, and that as time goes on, she can become more dangerous than Gul, if she does not take her prescribed pills. Meanwhile, in the apartment, Saanchi calmly tells Gul that Yaatharth is trying to give her the wrong medication to make her lose her sanity. She also tells him that once Yaatharth succeeds with his plan, he can keep her wealth as a caretaker, whilst also continue his relationship with her psychiatrist, Vidya, whom she caught multiple times when they were being sketchy around her. Furious and annoyed about the situation, Gul tells Saanchi to stay silent.

When Malik contacts Gul, Yaatharth pleads with Gul to give Saanchi her medication. Otherwise, she will soon have a relapse. Overhearing the conversation between Yaatharth and Gul, Saanchi asks Gul to not administer it while flirting with him. After having sex, Gul tells Sanch b70169992d


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