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Steve Frankel of the Breast Imaging Section at UCSF and Andrew Lou of LRI provided an overview of the teleimaging system. UCSF now has two full-field digital telemammography systems that produce images of 40 to 60 megabytes (MB) compressed (using an acceptably lossless compression scheme). A typical study generates four such images, two of each breast, but also requires a historical set of equal size for comparison. Images can be transmitted across the WAN for remote interpretation and diagnosis or real-time reading by expert mammographers. In the demonstration, staff physicians at UCSF sent images to Mount Zion for interpretation. Physicians at both UCSF and Mount Zion used high-resolution (2,000 2,000 pixel) monitors to view the images. Using custom software developed at UCSF, the referring and consulting physicians could use an on-screen dual-pointer to identify objects of interest and change the brightness and contrast of the images to aid in interpretation. An electronic magnifying glass enabled mammographers to examine portions of the image in greater detail.

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ECU is using Internet-based streaming media (real-time audio), a chat channel, Web pages, and animations (Shockwave) for a small number of nursing courses. Both asynchronous and synchronous instruction are available (i.e., students can participate in lectures in real time or download the video for later viewing). The network was designed to accommodate 28.8 kbps modem speeds so that it could be accessed by a large number of users. That bandwidth is suitable for transmitting lecturers' slides, but it forces audio to be compressed into 6.8 kbps, making the video slightly choppy. The network determines the speed at which to deliver data based on the receiving student's access bandwidth.

The development of this center is based on three hypotheses: that health care is becoming highly distributed and differentiated; that health care is operating in a resource-limited environment; and that the NGI will enable more collaborative practice, regardless of where patients are located at a given time. The NGI will enable the formation of the cancer care alliance; facilitate teaching and research; enable a fully integratedcontinue

Technical requirements are based largely on the needs of remote radiological image archiving and display. To allow the simultaneous downloading of eight different 10-MB images within one second, the system needs bandwidth of 640 Mbps. The UW and Harborview radiology departments are all digital now, but they use computed radiography (in which an imaging plate is scanned by a laser) rather than flat-panel digital. The centers will become fully digitized once the technology comes down in price. Stewart envisions that a radiologist covering at a remote site might use the system to perform work that he or she would have done at the home site, downloading images remotely.

3-D Gaming Usage From a business perspective, 3-D gaming may have the most attractive proposition. Revenue can be generated via sale of games [bundling, monthly download, etc] and scaleable airtime charges. Airtime charges would conceivably scale with the number of online players. More importantly, multiplayer online gaming is not a large consumer of precious network bandwidth. This enables carrier to deploy other services to the same user or other users simultaneously. For example, while carrier is collecting air time charges for multiple users engaged in online gaming, those same users might fancy a multi-way conversation and be charged additional airtime for voice. While the business proposition is very attractive, the technical challenges presented to the handset platform architect are daunting. However, the challenges are being overcome, as evidenced by the spate of recent announcements surrounding mobile 3-D hardware. [Go to the following website for more information:]. Mobile chipset suppliers are developing 3-D pipelines, which will rival the quality of Playstation II. The visual quality on the current Game Boy Advance device will pale in comparison to the quality of 3-D game phones in mid 2005.


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