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Foreseeable Family [v0.1] [APK]

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Foreseeable Family [v0.1] [APK]


1.) I'd like it better if the author added a "Credit" section listing the all the authors, editors , artists/animators and contributors ( or write his own name if all of that is being managed by the author himself) as well as the softwares used (all of them if possible), lisence information, and a source of audio/sound effects. The "About" section should confirm the downloaded version of the game followed by the releasing date and official and trusted site which a viewer should follow for future updates. This does not concern the quality of content but it gives the game a professional touch which (in my opinion) it lacks at the moment (as of now, for v0.18, when I'm writting this review).

When are you going to release the next update? I was not able to follow the updates of the game as I was busy with some personal stuff. The last version that I played was v0.18 and it's already been over a month since you released v0.20 so should I wait for a few days (if you're going to release v0.21 soon) or it'd take you longer and I should download v0.20? 041b061a72


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