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Christopher Harrington

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i. field the present disclosure relates generally to communication, and more specifically to techniques for sending information during interference. ii. background wireless communication systems are widely deployed to provide various communication services such as voice, packet data, and so on. these systems may be multiple-access systems capable of supporting communication with multiple users by sharing the available system resources (e.g., bandwidth and transmit power). examples of such multiple-access systems include code division multiple access (cdma) systems, time division multiple access (tdma) systems, frequency division multiple access (fdma) systems, and orthogonal frequency division multiple access (ofdma) systems. communication between wireless devices or between a wireless device and a base station may be supported by some type of data transmission scheme. for example, a wireless device may send information to a base station or may send information to another wireless device. a receiver such as a base station or a wireless device may receive and decode information sent over a communication channel and send information that may be sent over the communication channel to a receiver. receivers or base stations that communicate with multiple wireless devices may desire to send different types of information to the wireless devices. the wireless devices may, for example, receive signaling information and packet data from the receivers. the wireless devices may desire to send feedback information such as acknowledgments (acks) in response to the signaling information and/or packet data. the wireless devices may attempt to send the feedback information in a time and/or power efficient manner.[phage typing of plexiglas-producing strains of escherichia coli]. the authors have applied phage typing of plexiglas-producing strains of escherichia coli to the study of epidemiological relationships among them. bacteriological identification of the strains on the basis of the rapid method of biochemical testing with the use of the api 20e system and fermentation of the api 20e system has indicated the necessity of supplementing the latter with the use of a set of agglutinating phages.linear and nonlinear complex dynamics analysis of the human electroencephalogram during dorsal stream and vestibular activation. brain wave activity associated with dorsal visual stream (dvs) and vestibular system activation was investigated using linear and nonlinear methods.


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