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Liftoff [UPD]

WHERE? The competition will be mainly held online at Workshops and Orientation are expected to be offered both in-person and virtually. Contestants/participants will only need to register for ONE session per workshop. Each workshop is offered multiple times to allow all contestants more than one opportunity to attend. Please do not sign up for more than one session.


Each development effort is unique, so every liftoff is unique. As aplanning group member, design your liftoff for the combination ofattributes at hand. Consider the nature of the product, the nature ofthe work, and the people. Take into account the knowns and unknowns.Think about the work environment and the circumstances driving delivery.

Thumb=htmlThe best liftoffs create a sense of ownership of the outcomes. Create aliftoff design where all participants engage as owners in the process.Their sense of ownership helps sustain commitment to outcomes. Itinfluences the work until final delivery.

Index Finger=htmlOnly include activities in the liftoff that have a real work purpose.Liftoff participants engage best when they focus on relevant activities.Choose agenda items related to achieving the liftoff intentions andoutcomes.

Ring Finger=htmlEvery work group and team needs agile chartering. It accelerates commonunderstandings. Sooner or later, team members and the business wrestlewith defining the work in the same way. Including chartering in theliftoff gains understanding early and precludes time wasted later on.

CFT's launch site, Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida, will be busy over the coming months as well. United Launch Alliance (ULA) plans to fly a mission for the U.S. Space Force from Cape Canaveral with an Atlas V rocket this spring, and the first-ever liftoff of the company's new Vulcan Centaur vehicle is targeted for May from the site. (CFT will employ an Atlas V as well.) 041b061a72


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