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Theodore Cruz

Jagged Edge Baby Makin Project Album Zip

Ruff Endz members David Chance and Dante Jordan have reunited and released Soul Brothers album in 2018. They are independent, writing, recording and producing all their own music. Currently working on videos for songs on the Soul Brothers album. Awesome project !!!!!!

jagged edge baby makin project album zip

Download File:

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Sewing mistakes: 1- Trying to self-draft patterns/garments without ANY knowledge of what goes into making a garment wearable AND look GOOD. 1b- trying to self-draft a pattern without being able to read a ready-made pattern and construct a wearable garment from it. Very frustrating to see.

Album: Baby Makin' Project This is a choice cut off of Jagged Edge's Baby Makin' Project album. That reminds me of a science experiment I've been meaning to take care of: if you have a baby and it grows into a toddler that you name JD, does it automatically become Jermaine Dupri's identical twin? Someone let me know.

Album: The Real Thing: Words and Sounds Vol. 3 Jill Scott whispers over this heartbeat, a pitter-patter tip toe voice that won't wake the baby. She sounds real sweet and innocent; typical neo-soul Jill Scott! But then it's like the chorus is, "All I dream about is making love." You know, it's always the ones you least expect.

Album: Perfect Angel This song came out in 1974, two years after Minnie gave birth to her only child, daughter Maya Rudolph. So, while these smoldering four minutes somehow didn't lead to any actual baby-making for Ms. Riperton, perhaps you'll have more proactive results. (Well, you know, as long as you're ready for a big step. Like, do you know how much time and effort and love it takes to raise a child? Maybe you should really sit down and get your ducks in order before you make such a hasty decision.)


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