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Auto Insurance Quote

Carol Pope is an insurance writer for Bankrate and prior to joining the team, she spent 12 years as an auto insurance agent. During this time, she sold, serviced and underwrote auto insurance for people across the country. She also has experience selling supplement coverage such as umbrella insurance.

auto insurance quote

Angelica Leicht is an insurance editor on the Bankrate team. She is truly passionate about helping readers make well-informed decisions for their wallets, whether the goal is to find the right comprehensive auto policy or the best life insurance policy for their needs.

There are a number of strategies when trying to lower your car insurance premium. One way is to start with your current policy. Are there any discounts missing and is your annual mileage accurate? Are you bundling your home and auto insurance?

Because car insurance rates depend on personal rating factors, the cheapest car insurance company is different for everyone. Besides, average car insurance rates are currently in flux, thanks partly to risky post-pandemic driving habits, unprecedented inflation, supply chain issues and labor shortages. You may want to compare quotes from several companies to find the cheapest car insurance company for your specific rating profile and needs. Based on our study of average premiums provided by Quadrant Information Services, Auto-Owners, USAA, Geico, Amica and State Farm could be good places to get started.

Mariah Posey is an auto and homeowners insurance writer and editor for She aims to make the insurance journey as convenient as possible by keeping the reader at the forefront of her mind in her work.

Why this company made our list: Our current macroeconomic climate of record-high inflation might make it tough for drivers across the country to fit car insurance into their budgets. Depending on where you live, Auto-Owners might be able to help. This carrier has a strong reputation for providing excellent auto coverage at a competitive price. Its wide range of coverage and discount options are available to drivers in 26 states through a distribution network of independent agents.

Why this company made our list: As the largest national auto insurer based on market share, State Farm's reach and reputation highlight the carrier as one of the best auto insurance companies for drivers in most states. Its extensive local agent network showcases its customer-first approach to providing consumers with various personal and commercial insurance products. We chose State Farm as the Best Auto Insurance Company for High-Risk Drivers in the 2023 Bankrate Awards.

Why State Farm is best for local agents: State Farm boasts over 19,000 licensed insurance professionals, available in communities across the U.S., who can offer guidance to those who value expert insight when discussing their policy. Digital management options allow for an on-the-go approach, including a mobile app where you can file auto claims and contact your agent.

Why Liberty Mutual is best for bundling numerous products: Liberty Mutual offers a long list of insurance products, including auto, home, umbrella, life, pet, small business and identity theft. If you like to keep your insurance products in one place for ease of management, Liberty Mutual might be a good fit.

Why this company made our list: Travelers has over 150 years of experience in the auto insurance industry. Its strong independent agent network, numerous endorsement options, robust savings opportunities and proven financial track record make it a worthwhile option for drivers nationwide.

One of the first steps to finding the best auto insurance for you is to understand your needs. That starts with learning about the key coverage options available and how these options work together to provide financial protection.

These are the main types of auto insurance coverage, but there are more types of car insurance coverage available that may be worth discussing with your insurer. For example, you might consider adding gap insurance if you buy a newer car or ridesharing coverage if you drive for a company like Uber or Lyft. Additionally, each state has its own car insurance laws, and each driver is unique. Talking with a licensed agent can help you determine the best auto insurance coverage types and limits for your needs.

Of the companies on our list, NJM and Geico have the lowest average full coverage premiums. While these carriers may offer low average rates, there could be others that are the cheapest for you. Nationally, Auto-Owners, USAA and Geico offer cheap average rates for both full and minimum coverage. Your premium will depend on your individual rating factors, which include your driving history, the type of car you drive and the state you live in. Getting and comparing quotes from several insurers, taking advantage of discounts and maintaining a clean driving record might help you find the cheapest car insurance company for your situation.

Drivers in their 20s will begin to see their premiums decrease, especially after age 25. Keep in mind that drivers in their early 20s will still see high average rates for full coverage car insurance if they own their own vehicle and are on their own car insurance policy as auto insurers consider them higher risk compared to older adults.

Shopping for car insurance is more than just looking for the cheapest rate, so the answer to this question starts with understanding your own car insurance needs and priorities. Quality customer service, in person offices or even optional coverage choices might be factors that are important to you. Knowing what you need in a policy can help you compare car insurance companies to see which one you want to work with. Before obtaining quotes, it may benefit you to speak to insurance agents, friends or family who may be able to help you gauge which insurance company you want to move forward with.

On average, car insurance from some of the top insurance carriers in the nation can range from around $1,300 to $2,600 per year for full coverage, the cheapest being from Geico and Erie. But because each auto insurance company has its own proprietary underwriting system, the cost of car insurance for each individual will vary from carrier to carrier. For drivers looking for the best car insurance company, keep in mind that the coverage you choose plays a role, too. The average cost of full coverage car insurance is about 224 percent more than minimum coverage.

In addition to your state requirements, vehicle type, age (except in Hawaii and Massachusetts), driving record and gender (in most states), several other common rating factors will impact your auto insurance premium. By looking at these rating factors, car insurance companies can get a sense of your risk profile and what it might cost to insure you.

Additionally, getting quotes from several car insurance companies can help you compare rates. Each company sets its own rates, so the same level of coverage can cost vastly different amounts with different providers. Comparing quotes might help you find the lowest price for the coverage you need. 041b061a72


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