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Vlas Teterin
Vlas Teterin

DevExpress Universal 21.2.3

Visit, log in to your account, and click Obtain Feed URL. Use the generated URL or authorization key to install DevExpress NuGet packages from Visual Studio, .NET CLI, or NuGet CLI.

DevExpress Universal 21.2.3

Our free .NET MAUI or Xamarin.Forms UI controls will include a new Template Gallery (v21.2.3). Like other DevExpress application template wizards, our .NET MAUI/Xamarin.Forms Template Gallery was designed to simplify initial app setup.

11/10/2021: v21.2.3 (the Release build) fully supports Visual Studio 2022 Preview5/6. You can use the DevExpress.Win.Design package in both Visual Studios (2019 and 2022) to develop .NET 5 and .NET 6 projects.

We are currently working on a .NET Framework to .NET 6 Converter. At present, this new tool can convert standard WPF and WinForms projects to .NET 6, but we're hoping to extend it so you can leverage its capabilities (as a universal conversion tool) regardless of application type/target platform. 041b061a72


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