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With the introduction of the efficient image file format HEIC, Apple made it the default image storage format in iOS 11 or later. As long as the move, , Google Drive also began supporting HEIC images in order to help iOS users to back up photos. Some users asked whether Google Drive is able to convert HEIC to JPG. This guide will answer the question in detail and show you the easiest ways to produce JPG images from HEIC photos.

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Now, you should understand if Google Drive can convert HEIC to JPG. Briefly speaking, Google Drive cannot re-encode your iPhone photos. The Save image as feature can only change the file extension. The pictures downloaded from Google Drive may be not accessible too. Moreover, Google Drive can only process one image every time. Therefore, we recommend the alternative solutions. Aiseesoft HEIC Converter, for example, converts HEIC to JPG in batch. More questions? Please leave a message below this post and we will reply on it quickly.

You can not replace an asset by just downloading an image from the internet (well unless we're taking about Editor space, but I doubt that we are). You can download image using WWW class, and then store it anywhere on disk using something like File.WriteAllBytes(www.bytes). Later you can load the same image form local disk using same WWW class. Use WWW.texture to access the downloaded image (i.e. for putting it on a material and so on)

We regularly import images (JPG, PNG, etc.) as electronic documents since we keep the originals of the images. Our staff need to use the Windows Client to manage these files because they cannot preview them in the Web Client without downloading the files to their local machine. The Windows Client does this much better and I would really like to move our users over to the Web Client if these issues can be figured out.

We are hoping to use LF for our land management office. They have thousands of JPG documents that need to be placed in a parcel folder. Having to download the documents and view them through a native app is *incredibly* burdensome. Please add this capability to Laserfiche. Not being able to view the photos may turn out to be a deal-breaker for this project.

I'm guessing you are not only looking into how you can download A file, but also concerned about how to do that for every file in a specific folder on the server without having to change the link itself on every page.

If you have write access to the folder where the files are (download) and to the web server, you could add an .htaccess in that folder with a rewrite rule that redirects every call on that folder to a PHP file.

Contrary to what you sometimes see suggested. You should send the appropriate Content-Type header for the resource (as you would normally do). That is application/pdf for PDFs and image/jpeg for JPG images. Don't try to fool the browser into downloading a resource by telling the browser that it's something it doesn't know how to handle. eg. application/octet-stream.

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