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Ayesha Book By Natarajan

Ayeesha is a short-story book, Era. Natarasan. In this book, the author tried to expose the story about a girl, Ayeesha. The story of this book is about intercultural communication between students and teachers. By the central character Ayeesha, a private student, the author explains how a student become or be a talented student by an extraordinary teacher.

Ayesha Book By Natarajan

This story was originally published in a serialized form in 1904-1905, with gorgeous Art Nouveau illustrations. If you can find it, I highly recommend reading a reprint that includes the original illustrations. One of my favorite books of all time!

His science books are simple and creative. His teen novels like- Circus Dot com(2000), Malar Algebra(2002), Rough Note(2009), Yureka court(2010), Darwin school(2014), Vande Matharam (2016) etc..are read widely. He is able to mix science into stories and that makes in to a new style. The Vigyana Vikramadhithyan Kadhaikal(2009) has in itself the history of the medical inventions such as, Polio Vaccine, insulin, Malaria vaccine etc., which received the Bala Sahitya Puraskar the Annual Sahitya Academy Award for children literature in2014.

Era. Natarasan has brought a series (10 books) in English under the title Scientific Revolution on ten great names of science that signify the great leap forward which include Galileo, Mendel, Curie, Einstein etc.,

Describe your reading process. Do you read one book at a time, cover to cover, or dip in and out of multiple books? Do you plan out your reading in advance or discover your next read at random? Do you prefer physical books or digital texts? Are you a note-taker?

For me, it differs depending on the genre I am reading, but for both fiction and poetry I must finish a book before starting another, with the only exception being if I am reading a novel and I have a craving for poetry, I will pick up and read a book of poems. Though this happens rarely. For poetry, it is hard to read a collection in fractions. I enjoy sitting down and reading it in one sitting page to page, and making notes (in a separate notebook!) of page numbers and lines that have compelled me which, in the end, allows me to go back to them later and spend more time in deconstruction, asking myself the question of why (why did I pause here?) and what (what was it truly that compelled me?). I think these constant questions I ask myself help me build a more personal relationship with the work I am reading and allow me to remember and reminisce on it later.

New ways to improve cereal crops against fungal, bacterial, and viral diseases are covered in this book that was put together by a group of experts. These include genetics, genome editing systems, and nano-biotechnological tools. Cereal crops are mainly the world's leading food crops and feed a large share of the world population. However, external factors, such as pathogens, have often threatened their productivity. Like wheat, rice, maize, oats, barley, millet and storage, etiology, epidemiology, and diseases in cereal crop management. In addition, the importance of crop genetics and genomics in combating pathogens has been discussed. This book offers up-to-date information on new methods, such as the potential of the genome editing system for crop improvement, in particular the CRISPR-Cas system. The current volume also talks about identification, plant breeding, genome editing, and nanotechnology tools that can be used to fight disease in cereal crops. This book is good for students, teachers, and researchers who study biotic stress in cereals, as well as scientists who study nanotechnology, disease resistance, pathogen biology, genome editing, agriculture sciences, and future biotechnology.

Tata Central Archives has a Collections of books, journals and magazines for research and reference. It covers a variety of themes such as the Tata group and related publications, history, archival management, biographies of personalities, economics, science and labour.

Since the Collections at the TCA Library are of historical value, we do not allow borrowing of the books. However, research scholars, students and others are welcome to refer to the Collections at the Archives.


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