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Fred Hersch, Esperanza Spalding - Alive At The ... [PORTABLE]

esperanza spalding: I knew about Fred and his musicianship. I came to hear Fred at the Vanguard with my friend Leo Genovese. I just introduced myself and then shortly after that Fred invited me to be a guest as part of one of the series he was doing at the Jazz Standard. I think that's where we first met and played. That was the musical introduction, and we're still getting introduced forever.

Fred Hersch, Esperanza Spalding - Alive at the ...

esperanza spalding: Playtime is playtime, you know? I love to be around my younger cousins and see the way they have their own little language, their own little laws and symbols. When they're playing make-believe, they so quickly come up with this whole logic and the laws of all the elements of their world. It literally never ends, only if somebody has to stop them for a meal or to go to bed. There's just this continual imaginative outpouring, in whatever context they've imagined for themselves. I think that is something fundamental to human imagination. We set up these terms for ourselves and in make-believe we're always changeable. Like, that's not the ice anymore now, now that's the tar pit.

esperanza spalding: I remember doing this little fully improvised duo with Jeff Parker, I think in the spring of 2021. I think that was the first time I had been out in a venue since the lockdown. My experience of the audience was that it was like a different world. I felt that people coming into shared space to hear music were like 1000% present. Not on their phones, not going back and forth to the bar and up to the stage. Just sitting with full attention and full responsivity to what was happening musically. That felt so magical and so powerful. I felt for me and for a lot of beings who love music but maybe took for granted what a gift it is to be able to experience shared music, had this awakening to the miracle that it actually is, to be able to convene and experience this thing called music live.

esperanza spalding. illuminating hues of vital human aspects through offerings of sounds for connecting with latent portals of unity consciousness and healthFred Hersch. My email handle is "heardfresh". I believe that no matter who wrote the tune you are playing you can always find a way to be creative with it. There needs to be love - and danger -- in the music always. Sound + Rhythm = Music! 041b061a72


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