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It can be speculated from this in vivo data that phagocytosis of OxLDL-autoantibody immune complexes by plaque-associated macrophage through an Fc-mediated pathway could be a second uptake mechanism in addition to that involving the scavenger receptors. The potential clinical implication behind these findings is that while marrow and blood monocyte scavenger receptors SR-A and CD36 have not demonstrated inter-individual variability in their basal expression levels (prior to initial uptake of OxLDL or differentiation to macrophages) [23, 24], the variable expression of Fcγ receptors found in this series of patients maybe playing a role in the extent of OxLDL immune complex uptake by atherosclerosis plaques. The fact we were able to document relatively increased surface expression of all three receptor classes in patients with ACS, along with increased FcR I in those who smoked and FcR II in those with hypertension, supports this hypothesis. Any precise pathophysiological implication behind these findings, though, or any cause and effect relationship between monocyte Fc expression and ACS is presently uncertain.


The Mazatzal province is thought to be a juvenile arc terrane that accreted onto southern Laurentia during the 1.65 Ga Mazatzal orogeny. Thermal overprinting and local deformation during the emplacement of anorogenic granites at 1.46 Ga has made it difficult to date Proterozoic fabrics and assign the deformation to either of these events. Detrital and igneous zircon U-Pb ages were obtained by LA-MC-ICPMS from four localities in southern New Mexico within the Mazatzal province. These localities include the Kingston District, Mud Springs, Caballo Mountains, and San Andres Mountains. These dates will be used to constrain the timing of deformation and the relationship of these rocks to the Mazatzal island arc system.

Although no rigid standards govern the contents of settlement notice to class members, Mullane v. Central Hanover Bank & Trust Co., 339 U.S. 306, 314, 70 S. Ct. 652, 657, 94 L. Ed. 865 (1950), notice must "fairly apprise the prospective members of the class of the terms of the proposed settlement and of the options that are open to them in connection with [the] proceedings." Grunin v. International House of Pancakes, 513 F.2d at 122. Moreover, on its face the notice must be neutral and emphasize that the court is expressing no opinion on the merits of the case or the amount of the settlement. Id. To effect this neutral apprisal "the notice may consist of a very general description of the proposed settlement, including a summary of the monetary or other benefits that the class would receive and an estimation of attorneys' fees and other expenses." Id. See also Manual for Complex Litigation 1.46.

The Court notes that the proposed notices do not include a provision for the receipt of written comments from those purchasers unable to attend the July hearing in person. This Court finds such a provision desirable, see Manual for Complex Litigation 1.46, and directs that it be included in the notices for mailing. As for the notices for publication, this Court finds their brevity cause for concern. However, it finds those notices adequate and reasonable in light of the complexity of the proposed settlements.

[1] This settlement agreement was the first to be negotiated by Pennsylvania. It contains a so-called "most favored nations" clause. Because a lower settlement per vehicle was negotiated with Bud Haas Toyota, Inc., the original settlement figure of $9,500 was reduced to $8,000 in accordance with that clause. Although this Court does not find that inclusion of such a clause renders preliminary approval inappropriate, it notes that "most favored nation clauses" are generally considered undesirable. See Manual For Complex Litigation 1.46.

[3] Although the Manual For Complex Litigation 1.46 indicates the desirability of a preliminary hearing on the proposed settlements, this Court does not find such a hearing necessary in light of the preliminary hearings already held concerning the original Settlement Agreement. Compare In re General Motors Corporation Engine Interchange Litigation, 594 F.2d 1106, 1133 (7th Cir.1979). 041b061a72


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