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Google Web Language Translator Google Translate (BETA)

If you are planning a holiday, working with colleagues or clients in different countries, or if you are just wanting to research something that happens to be in a different language, then you may be wondering if it is possible to translate a webpage into English or another language so you can read them.

Google Web Language Translator Google Translate (BETA)

Once iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur arrive this autumn it will be possible to translate an entire webpage from or to the following languages: English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Russian, or Brazilian Portuguese. The new webpage translation feature will initially be in Beta, even once the operating systems are out of beta.

Once you are viewing the page in the translated language any links you click on within the page will be automatically translated for you. This is particularly useful if you want to translate entire websites.

When we click on flag in the webpage, it gets redirected to other page(google's translation page). And there the page gets translated to other language.But I want it shouldn't get redirected to other page instead it should translate on the same page like by using simple google translation code with dropdown option. Please help me!!!

Aix: com.devyb.devybgoogletranslate.aix (11.6 KB)Latest Version: 1Released:2020-10-11T22:00:00ZLast Updated:2020-10-11T22:00:00Z

Fortunately, improvements in translation technology have surged in recent months with the release of deep-learning software, which reinvents the way machines translate. The new tech, called neural machine translation, analyzes the whole sentence rather than word by word. That has greatly improved translations between languages with differing grammar structures, and allows the machine to better pick up nuanced expressions.

On top of Google Translate and Papago, another Korean software company Hancom, which makes a word processor, recently launched its NMT app "Genie Talk" that translates between popular Asian languages, plus English, French, Spanish, German, Russian and Arabic. Flitto, a Korean-made translation network app popular in Southeast Asia, launched a free real-time text translation service, which suggests related phrases based on its data from five years of translation requests.

For now, human-translated services may still be the fool-proof option. Gengo is a crowdsourced translation service based in Japan, while Linqapp is a language-exchange app in Taipei that started with English and Chinese.

FEATURES:* Inline translator can be run on mouse selection from the context menu, or shortcut.* Insert translation after or before the selected text.* Translation can replace the original text.* Preserve the original page formatting.* Display translation in brackets or without.* Align translation for better visibility by using the line break option.* Control of the text selection by observing the word boundaries.* Select color of the translated text.* Clear inserted translation and restore original page formatting.* Auto language detection of the source text.* Words translation using the built-in dictionary.* Translation history.* Shortcuts customization.

* Set unique language settings for each translation application.* Set one language settings for all translation applications.* Enable the auto language detection.* Enable Dictionary to translate single words.* Enable the back translation for Google Translate application.* Choose shortcut to launch translation applications.* Modify the Pop-up Bubble behavior.* Perform translation by selecting the text with the mouse.* Choose the size of the font.* Change appearance of the inline translation.* Enable Translation History to store translation records for each translation tool.* Access Translation History records to search, sort, split by sentences, export and save.

In our free version we use Phrase Based Machine Translations provided by Google Translate, while in our paid versions use Google Translate Neural Translations which are very accurate for popular language pairs.In the paid versions you can refine the automatic translations yourself or order professional translations or proofreading of a translated content.You can get a translation cost estimate by using our Website Translation Cost Calculator

  • Fast and reliable - it uses the same servers usesAuto language detection

  • Bulk translations

  • Customizable service URL

  • HTTP/2 support

TODOmore features are coming soon.

To translate with your camera on Google Translate, first select the input language and the language you want to translate to. Then, tap the camera icon and point the camera at the text to get an instant translation.

To translate by speech in Google Translate, select this option and choose the languages you want to translate. You can also inform the tool that this is a conversation, so it translates two different languages in real-time.

At the moment, Google Translate has no support yet for translating German language to other languages other than French and English. But I will see if I can create a flag widget (German) with other web translators.

The only thing that would be cool is perhaps to hide the div containing the flags onclick. Right now clicking one of them, then selecting another language from the translated page -instead of the original page- delivers you to a translate box at Google.

Language technology providers are scrambling to jump on the speech-to-text bandwagon which means users can view machine-generated live subtitles (translated from the original) as well as multilingual captions (monolingual transcripts available for different languages)of speeches in their preferred language.

How can I translate web pages in languages other than English? I found somewhere to use translate now but it does not work at all. When ever I open some foreign language website nothing popups for translation, even I click on translate now button in side bar no use. What's the method to get websites of foreign languages to be translated into English just like chrome?

ohh, It means I have to manually do everything and there is no such translate implementation like chrome. Hope so Firefox team will work on that. As we in the Firefox web we can at least use google translate plugin but it's the opposite case for mobile.

I know I can disable that pop-up in the settings by disabling "Offer to translate pages that aren't in a language you read", but then the translation icon is gone from the address bar, and there seems to be no way to use the translation feature. It should be an all-or-nothing feature. For example, I am learning French, so sometimes I want to read the French pages myself (so I do not want the page to be translated), and sometimes I want translation because the page is too difficult.

On your computer, open Chrome.At the top right, click More More and then Settings.At the bottom, click Advanced.Under "Languages," click Language.Check or uncheck "Offer to translate pages that aren't in a language you read."

Teams will also prompt you to turn on auto-translation to automatically translate messages to your preferred language. You can always change your preferences under Settings > General >Translation.

''Google Translate'' is a machine translation website from Google that can translate text between different languages. It can translate words, sentences, documents and web pages between any combination of 133 supported languages as of 11th May, 2022.[3] It was launched on April 28, 2006 and has always been free to use.[4]

You may wonder why a cross-platform availability matter in a translate app. A cross-platform translator software allows you to enjoy an identical experience among the supported platforms. Besides, you can save your favorite translated phrases and access them on other platforms as well.

Google Translate has been around for a long time. It supports 109 languages, but there is a catch. Only 43 out of 109 languages in Translate support bilingual text translation while image translation is limited to 37, and the number is 32 for voice in conversation mode. You will have to choose a translation app based on the language you want to translate and how you want to translate it.

Speaking of numbers, Apple Translate supports only 11 languages at the launch time. The service can translate to and from Arabic, mainland Chinese, English (US and UK), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

On Monday, Google announced(Opens in a new tab) the rollout of live translated captions in Meet. When the feature is on, the app will automatically translate spoken language into another language, and produce captions on the fly. Initially, the feature only supports English meetings which can bee translated to Spanish, French, Portuguese, and German.

The benefits of having your speech translated to another language as you deliver it are obvious, both for the speaker and the listeners. Google thinks the feature will be most useful in all-hands meetings and training programs with globally distributed teams, as well as educators communicating with students.


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