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Buy Oversized Sweaters

"I am a sucker for a half zip, and Everlane makes a hell of an oversized sweater," enthuses Newberger. "I appreciate how they work to make each of their textures unique and their sweaters warm while keeping them reasonably priced (for what they are!)." The Felted Merino Half-Zip Sweater, in particular, is one of the stylist's favorites. And Everlane's customers rave about the style, too; One reviewer wrote, "What a dream this sweater is. It hugs in all the right places and is structured so that the neck doesn't slouch."

buy oversized sweaters

This oversized turtleneck from sustainable and ethical cashmere brand Naadam is an internet cult fave and one that frequently sells out. Take it from one overjoyed customer: "The cut is super flattering and modern with slightly bubbled sleeves and a really lovely neckline that goes up to the chin," they write in their review. "It has a definite shape to it so it's not baggy and doesn't hang off of you. I am so in love and will be buying this in a second color despite the price! You need this in your life."

At only $30, this oversized Zara sweater made from a plushy blend of recycled polyester is an accessible choice for those first test-driving a baggy silhouette. Follow Newberger's advice when styling this roomy pullover, and try the age-old French tuck. Consider inserting a handful of the sweater's hem into the waistline of a pair of front-pleat black trousers, slipping into classic penny loafers, and then adding a few pieces of silver jewelry. It's an in-office outfit ideal for when you want your sartorial tone to come off as professional with a slightly contemporary twist.

With its oversized design and decadently soft cashmere blend, extreme cashmere's pullover is the type of sweater you could wear for the rest of your days without complaints. Its roll neck offers added warmth that's not as tight as a traditional turtle, while the oversized silhouette offers an easy, unrestricted wear. In simple terms, it's truly a sweater you can live in. As for styling the luxe cashmere option, try dabbling with one of the leading, perhaps polarizing denim trends of 2023: An early-aughts-esque denim maxi skirt.

What's better than a classic cable-knit sweater? Why a classic cable-knit sweater in hot Barbiecore pink, of course! This $50 option from H&M also comes in a saturated cerulean shade if bright magenta isn't your personal favorite. Part of the retailer's plus-size line, H&M+, this oversized sweater comes in an extended range of L to 4XL. And while its dropped shoulders and exaggerated wide sleeves provide a relaxed look, the cropped hemline ensures the sweater doesn't completely skew too far into potato sack-like territory.

Falconeri's cashmere Maxi-Jumper (the brand's unique term for its sweaters in relaxed fits) is an oversized option with an undeniable luxe look and feel. And with its V-neck silhouette, Newberger shouts out the cashmere sweater as a perfect one to team with baggy bottoms. "You'll want to start with a sweater that has a more open collar when pairing an oversized sweater with oversized jeans. While it sounds counterintuitive, doing this will add a little more shape and sex appeal (collar bones will never not be sensuous,)" she says.

Given the amount of coverage they offer, oversized sweaters are considered a staple for fall and winter. They provide ample room for layering in case you want to wear a tee, a tank top, or a turtleneck underneath.

Cable knits and tennis skirts are the bread and butter of Parisian fashion. Romantic in aesthetic, this ensemble is actually quite comfortable to wear. The oversized silhouette of the sweater allows for additional layering.

Oversized sweaters and shorts may seem counterintuitive, but boy, do they make an amazing outfit. Considered a prime example of dysfunctional fashion, this OOTD features an adorable cable-knit printed with fuzzy peaches.

As previously mentioned, oversized sweaters are typically paired with form-fitting garments. This outfit is considered a prime example of this traditional go-to, as it features a striped cable-knit and a pair of semi-tailored black pants.

When shopping for an oversized cable-knit sweater, you should consider four things before heading to checkout: material quality, design, practicality, and price.

Stock up on a couple oversized cozy sweaters in cream, tan or gray. These neutral colors will work well with practically anything you own. You can throw on a pair of black skinnies, wide leg jeans or even tights.

A mini skirt paired with a cozy, oversized pullover is the perfect transitional outfit. The look has just an air of preppiness to it that exudes nostalgia for school days and memories of fall past. While a pair of sneakers is a clear winning outfit finish, the combination would work with just about any autumnal footwear, be it loafers, combat boots, knee-high boots, or even heeled mules for a night-time look.

Relaxed sweaters are an undying trend. If we look at fashion throughout the recent decades, street style has always favoured loose knits, borrowed boyfriend fits and baggy sweaters. Many worry that oversized equals sloppy, but there are ways to size up and appear well put-together.

This clothing company only has two styles of cashmere sweaters (crewneck or V-neck), but there's plenty of variety when it comes to sizing. As "the world's most inclusive fashion brand," Universal Standard offers sizes 00-40 throughout its entire lineup, from jeans to dresses.

For State Cashmere founder, Hao Rone, cashmere isn't just any fabric. It's a major part of his heritage and life story. Rone comes from a family of shepherds in Inner Mongolia and brings this passion and age-old knowledge to every cashmere piece in his brand. Priced between $90 and $210 and offering sizes XS-XL, the brand's line of cashmere has everything from short sleeve options to asymmetrical sweaters.

J.Crew is your one-stop shop for fun and delightful cashmere sweaters that go beyond your average camel-colored pullovers. Yes, you can take your pick of classic colors at J.Crew's Cashmere Shop, but if it's a bright or unique color you crave, you're still in the right place.

This trendy brand puts sustainability at the forefront by offsetting carbon emissions and recycling or donating textile scraps. Their Conscious Cashmere line offers fashion-forward pieces like cropped sweaters as well as timeless basics like turtlenecks and cardigans.

Known for its affordable basics, Uniqlo has a small but mighty line of cashmere sweaters. The four current offerings (which consist of three turtlenecks and one crew neck option) are all on sale, under $100, and come in both neutral and bold colors. The brand's sizing ranges from XXS-XXL.

If you're looking to splurge on a truly unique piece, Leret Leret's whimsical designs and high quality construction are well worth the investment. The luxury shop specializes exclusively in cashmere and offers a slew of memorable designs while also offering simpler patterns, like stripes or checkers. Each $475-$575 sweater is a limited-edition piece, so be sure to grab your favorite while you can. The sweaters are available in sizes XXS to XXL.

Former editor Ashley Phillips said she wore the Quinn Cashmere Hoodie multiple times a week, and most of Italic's cashmere sweaters are produced by the same makers as two of her favorite French brands, Sandro and Maje.

Frances Austen was founded with the intention of creating heritage cashmere that can be worn for a lifetime and passed down to the next generation. The sweaters are made in Scotland at the storied Johnston of Elgins cashmere factory using Italian-spun yarn.

Though Patagonia is probably not the first place you think of to buy quality cashmere, but it's actually a great option if you're committed to sustainable shopping. Patagonia fans will already know the brand is leaning more into recycled materials, and this trend extends to its cashmere sweaters.

This guide is focused on sweaters designed for cisgender women. What the industry calls "women's sweaters" has everything to do with the fit, shape, and style of these pieces. Sweaters designed for women tend to be smaller and less boxy than those designed for men. However, we think anyone should feel free to wear any type of sweater, regardless of gender or how the clothing is labeled. If you're more interested in a boxy, oversized style, you might want to shop for cashmere sweaters designed for men.

Think staple sweaters like ribbed turtlenecks that come in an assortment of colors, and trendier styles featuring details like cut-outs.

& Other Stories has investment sweaters that you will literally have for years, made with quality fabrics like wool and eco-friendly materials like recycled polyester.

Their recycled polyester line of sweaters is reasonably priced at around $49 per sweater, offering a more affordable alternative to their pricier styles (generally around $100). Either way, their knitwear is well worth the investment.

Lulus is one of our go-to stores for basically everything, but we are especially obsessed with their incredibly cute selection of sweaters. If your style leans boho/feminine, this is the store for you!

They have a wide assortment of comfy, cozy sweaters with tons of color options in each style. Their slouchy sweater fits make these easy-going pieces essentials during the fall and winter.

Nordstrom Rack is a great store to find sweaters for a fraction of their original cost. As the off-price division of Nordstrom, you can find discounted sweaters from brands like Free People, Lulus, Billabong, and more. Basically, everything is always on sale!

Like it or not, the truth about the oversized knit is that it has a tendency to make you look bigger than you actually are. The easiest way to tackle the problem is to pair it with form-fitting or narrow bottoms (as shown in the video). Think skinny jeans, leather or pleather pants, and dark leggings. You can also minimise slouch by wearing the sweater half-tucked in the centre as demonstrated here, allowing the sides to hang freely. 041b061a72


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