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The Makings of Kulture and Kinks

My Story

Maintaining peace and balance is my ultimate goal.  At rock bottom is where I learned that my happiness is my responsibility.  Seeking happiness and validation from others was my biggest flaw.  Overstepping my self-imposed boundaries left me upset and even resentful.  Not to mention my negative body image issues.  I grew up in an environment where weight and skin color determined how you would be treated.  I always felt that my tall stature took away from my femininity  and my not so flat stomach made me unattractive.  I had been carrying these insecurities my entire life.  My first set of waist beads decorated my womb and my hips in a way that I had never seen before.  I fell in love  with the feeling of protection that they offered.

 I wore my emotions out right and indulged in impulsive decision making.   At that moment I knew I had to make a change. This spiritual journey was a bit rocky at first, but through this process a new person had been born.  I took a different approach to happiness, what I truly needed was inside of me.  I was enough all by myself, anything else was considered a bonus. I learned the art of self-soothing.

The ability to heal my own wounds and hold myself accountable when necessary.   I took this approach in all areas of my life, love, my career and even my platonic relationships.  I placed boundaries in areas where none existed.  I learned to sit with my thoughts and how to rationalize.  This is where I rediscovered the art of wrapping my hair.  It served as a way to protect me from outside influences.

Growth was uncomfortable at first and it forced me to change my many self-destructive habits.  Sex and instant gratification came to the surface as well.  Sex had always served as a distraction for me.  In an effort to eliminate this, I discovered the art of self-pleasure.  Self-pleasure allowed me to no longer allow men to walk away with pieces of me they did not earn or deserve. I started to please myself, this rerouted my sexual appetite.  For once in my life I wanted more. Months later I found myself never parting away from my waist beads, wrapping my hair often and avoiding casual sex. I had mastered the art of self-soothing. Self-soothing saved my life.

Our Mission

Kulture And Kinks is here to help you master the art of self soothing.

Our quality, hand picked products are intended to enhance your spiritual journey.

Our safe space is one of a kind- where intentions are pure and self expression is encouraged

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