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Welcome to The Wild Side

Where we masturbate often.

On a mission to stimulate and flow.

Every toy is hand picked and tested.

Squirting.. Creaming..


Pick your poison.

As a young woman, my curiosity about orgasms peaked.  Sex was painful and at the time I didn’t understand that this intimate exchange should be enjoyed by both parties. I didn’t know that women had the ability to release in the same manner as men. My mind was blown when I discovered a woman’s ability to orgasm multiple times in several different forms.


I set out on a mission to chase that ability and I wouldn’t dare stop until I had mastered the art of the orgasm. What I soon learned is that there are levels to sexual pleasure, and they start with the individual. How could I ever expect a man to please me sexually if I am unable to please myself?


I started the classic form of masturbation, my handy pointer and middle finger. I used my imagination to picture the unthinkable sexual situations. Things I wouldn’t dare say out loud!  Slow and steady, I found my speed. My vagina would ache with the anticipation of being touched, my clitoris would swell until I give it the attention it craved. The release would send a shock wave from the very center of my body to my head and back down to the very tips of my feet. Quite overwhelming at first.


I then discovered sex toys and squirting! I had to be a part of this game of water works. I had also overworked my poor pointer and middle fingers, so my first vibrator came as a great alternative. I masturbated relentlessly, which gave me my first experience with over stimulation. I had no idea that I could over work my clitoris and minimize the sensation I get from touching it.


Within the following months, I had become an expert at self-pleasure, which enhanced my sexual encounters. Orgasms during sex, squirting and even creaming became the norm for meYour pleasure is your own responsibility. Learn what you like and what you don’t like, only then can you teach someone else how to please you.

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