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In the 1700s, the Tignon Laws forced Black women in Louisiana to wear head wraps because their beautiful, elaborate hairstyles
were considered a threat to the status quo.

“A threat to social order” is what they called it.

The Louisiana Tignon Law of the 1700’s was created to
minimize one’s natural beauty

and remind society that these women were nothing more than second class citizens.

These creole women, descendants of Mother Africa flaunted their

beautiful coils and decorated them with beads and jewels.

This breathe taking beauty enticed men from all races and social classes,
creating a new standard for other women who just couldn't compete.


The Tignon Law, which was created to control and dilute,

breathed life into a traditional form of self-expression.

These women used beautiful fabrics to cover their tresses,
exposing their high cheek bones and full lips
These newly exposed features served as the perfect complement 
to their mocha colored skin and intoxicating presence.
 An unintended consequence derived from a
law created to humiliate and reduce ones very existence.


The truth is, no form of suppression can dim the bright light that we so effortlessly possess.

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