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Blupimania 2 Full Version Free Download

Blupimania is a puzzle game created by Epsitec for the Smaky and DOS. Blupi rises with a balloon, and he must find his way to another balloon. The player can also create their own puzzles. Unlike the previous games, this game is a puzzle game instead of an edutainment game, straying Blupi away from his original focus. All of the later Blupi games are also puzzle games. The game can be played in English, French, and German. This was the last game in the series for Smaky, since the next game in the series Planet Blupi was only released for Windows computers. The game can now be downloaded for free from the official Blupi website. However, it requires DOSBox to run on computers past Windows ME.

blupimania 2 full version free download

Blupimania is an isometric-view puzzle game featuring the trademark egg-shaped Blupi characters (also known as Eggbert in the English-speaking world) that were created by the Swiss developer Epsitec. The core idea of the game can be compared to that of Lemmings: you need to steer one or more Blupi to the exit, marked by a purple balloon. Depending on the scenario, this task is accomplished by either manipulating the environment, or controlling Blupi directly, or both.The game is primarily intended for kids starting from a rather small age, which is reflected in the general visual aesthetic of its design and the cute protagonists. However, some of the more difficult puzzles are rather intricate and can be quite challenging for adults as well. The scenarios are split into four sections of increasing difficulty, with the first set being basically a prolonged tutorial. There are many different elements that the characters can interact with, allowing for a much greater variety of playing situations than in Lemmings for example. The game also includes a scenario editor for the user to create their own puzzles.Blupimania was originally sold as a shareware / commercial product, with just a small sample of levels from each set. In October 2017, Epsitec declared the game freeware, and the full version can be now downloaded from the official site (please see the links section below).

Balloonware for all computersBalloonware for Apple computersBalloonware for Windows and DOS computersBalloonware text fontsBalloonware clip artBalloonware brushes for Adobe IllustratorBalloonware bouquetsBalloon Web RingsBalloon ChatBalloon E-mailBalloonware for all computersBalloon Buster: shoot round balloons of various colors to pop and/or drop other balloons which are currently on the playfield. This Java-based game that will run in your web browser. Pop: This is a Flash-based word game that will run in your web browser: for Apple computersNote 1: Here are some shareware/freeware compression/decompression utilities for Mac OS, in case you need them to decode what you download - Tucows.Note 2: Now your Mac does Windows too! If you have a Power Macintosh, you can use Microsoft's "Virtual PC" software to run Windows or DOS games on your Mac. Now, on to the Balloonware (Apple only)! All fun and games Educational games Business-related software All fun and gamesAnimaniacs Game Pack: Baloney's Balloon BopCreated By: FunnyBone InteractiveDescription: Baloney's Balloon Bop is a fun Breakout-style game in which you move a portable trampoline around with two "animaniacs," bouncing a third, Yakko, up in the air in order to pop balloons over Baloney the dinosaur's head. Certain balloons contain 'surprises' that can be used on Baloney in many amusing ways. For example, some contain anvils, which you can drop on Baloney, who prowls around the bottom of the screen waiting to hug the bouncing animaniac. When dino-hugged, Yakko loses a life, so you want to keep him bouncing and popping balloons--safely out of the reach of Baloney's mitts. Download a free 5-level demo:Minimum System Requirements: Power Macintosh with 16 MB ram, double speed CD-ROM drive, monitor capable of 640x480x256 colors and System 7.1.2 or better.Purchase Information: Animaniacs Game Pack CD - 5 games - SuggestedRetail Price: $24.95.For Sales & Ordering info: (800) 545-7677Download a demonstration version (3.5MB) from: or from Balloon ManCreated By: by Lasse KrabyeDescription: In this game you are a balloon. You must fly in space collecting computer disks and avoid touching the sharp stars. When you have collected a specified amount of disks, you advance to the next level.The unregistered version allows you to play the first three levels on the easiest difficulty.When you register:You get to play all 9 levels.You will be able to play all four difficulty levels, and you must face a boss at the end of level 3, 5, 7 and 9.You are allowed to join the highscore contest on the Balloon Man home page.You will be notified of future updates.Minimum System Requirements:System 7 or higherMacintosh with 68030 microprocessor (The game is accelerated for PowerMacs. 68040 or PowerMac strongly recommended)3 MB of available RAM (>4 recommended)4.5 MB of hard disk spaceMonitor capable of displaying 256 and 640 x 480 pixelsPurchase Information: This game is emailware. If you like the game, write Lasse an email at and tell him what you think of it. Include your serial-number and he'll then send you your registration-number. Write "Balloon Man" in the subject line.Download (2.5MB) from: -man-201.hqxor from -man-201.hqxCircus-LinuxCreated By: by New Breed SoftwareDescription: Circus Linux! is a clone of the Atari 2600 game "Circus Atari," produced by Atari, Inc.The object is to move a teeter-totter back and forth across the screen to bounce clowns up into theair. When they reach the top, they pop rows of balloons and then fall back down.If you don't catch one, you lose a clown! Features include: Game Modes: One- and two-players. Two-player cooperative. Barriers mode. Bouncy balloons mode. Clear-all mode. Graphics: Colorful, cartoon-like images. Animated objects and background. Nearly 70 objects on screen at once. Fullscreen mode. Random circus acts in the background. Sound: Upbeat circus-style music. Many cartoonish sound effects. Sound and music volume controls. Controls: Mouse. Joystick. Minimum System Requirements:PowerMacintosh (PowerPC)16 MB free RAMMacOS ? or laterDrawSprocket 1.7 or laterInputSprocket 1.7 or later (if you have a joystick)Display capable of thousands of colors @ 640x480Purchase Information: This game is freeware.Download (2.5MB) from: -linux/circuslinux-1.0.1.sitor from -1.0.1.sit.hqxEnemy Bomber BalloonsCreated By: Chess Piece Face laura@wjford.comCreated/Maintained by Alan GlennDescription: Enemy Bomber Balloons is a challenging shoot-em up where you control a cannon which blasts a never-ending supply of bomb-dropping balloons. Catch care packages with special ammunition to make your task easier. Try to shoot more than one balloon with the same bullet to get big bonus points (sometimes 100,000 points with one shot!). Enemy Bomber Balloons doesn't require a lot of memory or depend on a PowerPC chip to run well. Enemy Bomber Balloons gives decent performance on a 68030 and is even better on an 68040. Performs well on slower 601's and great on 604's. However, the arcade game concept is simple, but addictive: blast the balloons off the screen before they hit the ground. Best of all, Enemy Bomber Balloons is freeware!Minimum System Requirements: System 7 or later, 68020 or higher, a Mac capable of 32-bit addressing, and a monitor which is at least 640 x 480 and can display 256 colors. This includes about 99.999% of all Macs.Purchase Information: FreewareDownload (427.3K) from: the official site or from Hummingbird 1.0Created By: Rustle Laidman Description: Hummingbird is the world's first voice-activated music arcade game for your Mac. Instead of using the keyboard, you sing to control the action.In this demo, you have access to the warm-up level only. Watch the screen for the appearance of the balloon; listen to the note it makes, then sing the note to fly over and pop the balloon. (You can also hum or play your favorite instrument instead of singing.) Hummingbird is DISCONTINUED and no longer supported. For the curious, you can download the original Hummingbird v1.0 DEMO here, but remember, this program is no longer available. Please do not send in orders!Minimum System Requirements: Any Macintosh with Microphone, Color Monitor, System 6.0.5 or later.Purchase Information: Free demo version. Full version is DISCONTINUED, no longer supported, and no longer available. Please do not send in orders!Download (122K) from: or from -10.hqxJump ZampoliCreated By: RampZamp Software : The Zampoli acrobats catapult themselves with help of a seesaw into the air to burst balloons as artistically as possible. Unfortunately, fairies and goblins have prepared the balloons with surprises and traps. You must help the little Zampolis. Jump Zampoli attracts young and old with its sensational graphics and intelligent gameplay for hours. Because it is absolutely violence-free, it is suitable even for the youngest among us. Master 64 levels in 8 stages with a Boss Balloon at the end of each stage. Face 86 different balloons with many special items and two different refelction models. Some balloons and all Bosses are animated.The game features 5 songs and 4 aural atomspheres for the background plus a variety of high quality sound effects with true stereo localization. Download a free demo which allows you to play 8 levels. Here's a review: System Requirements: PowerMac with System 7.1 or higher and at least 7 MB of free memory after system reboot. We recommend a 7300/7500/7600/8500 or 8600 with 4MB VRAM on the internal gfx card, MacOS 8 and Apple Game Sprockets(included). Purchase Information: Shareware: Free demo, $20.00 to register and unlock the full version.Download (7MB) from: or from Pop! The Balloon Dog Puzzle GameCreated By: Zero Entertainment, Inc. (Editor Note: 5/23, this link gave the message "Access to this server forbidden".)Description: In "Pop! The Balloon Dog Puzzle Game," Pop the Puppy is a balloon dog on his way to the moon. if you can guide Pop past porcupines, cats, firecrackers, thumbtacks and spinning sawblades, then you are a dog's best friend. Otherwise, Pop goes to balloon dog heaven... It's a 100 % balloon extravaganza! The complete version features 87 levels. Download a free 10-level demo:Minimum System Requirements: PowerPC processor (100 Megahertz minimum), System 7.5 (or later), QuickTime 2.5 or better (recommended), 16 Megabytes of RAM, 4 Megabytes of available hard drive space, Color monitor with 256 or more colorsPurchase Information: Shareware: Free to try, $24.95 to register and unlock the full version.Note: As of 9/99 - it appears that Zero Entertainment has been bought out and the new owner is no longer accepting registrations for this game. To unlock the full version of the game enter Name: Inpher Code: RA-KR0PR-H (that's a zero, not an "O")Download (2MB) from: Putt-Putt and Pep's Balloon-O-RamaCreated By: Humongous EntertainmentDescription: Kids will have a blast helping Putt-Putt bounce his pal Pep into the air to pop colorful balloons some filled with hidden surprises. Putt-Putt and Pep's Balloon-O-Rama features 120 levels of action and hidden bonus rounds. Balloon-O-Rama designer Rhett Mathis said, "We've created an animated world of arcade fun and made it kid-friendly. Features like Junior Helper, with Easy Catch and Never Lose Pep modes, make gameplay easy for young children." Popping multiple balloons in a single bounce earns players more points than popping them one at a time. When Putt-Putt catches goodies, like candy that falls from popping balloons, kids earn extra points. When he catches garbage that falls from popping balloons, the kids lose points - but their scores never fall below zero. Special prizes that fall from popping balloons make Putt-Putt as long as a limousine or increase Pep's popping power. Just when you think you're about to clear a level, surprise balloons can inflate to fill the screen with new challenges. Hit the space ship when it zooms by, and discover point-racking bonus rounds that are truly out of this world.This game is also available as a hand-held computer game (in the style of GameBoy). For $14.99, you can take Putt-Putt with you everywhere. The game offers 100 levels, a bonus round, and fun sound effects.Minimum System Requirements: System 7.0 or higher, Minimum 25 MHz 68040 or Power PC, 8 MB of RAM, 640x480, 256 colors, Double-speed CD-ROM drive. Also available for Windows 3.1/95/98.Purchase Information: Putt-Putt and Pep's Balloon-O-Rama (Product# 04-11669), $9.99 from Humongous Entertainment; Putt-Putt and Pep's Balloon-O-Rama Hand-Held Game, $14.99. Call 800- 499-8386, or order online at the Humongous Entertainment Store. Educational games I Spy: Balloon PopperCreated By: Scholastic Description: Based on Scholastic's best-selling I SPY books, the I Spy CD-ROM contains seven visually engaging and interrelated games in which children can practice logic, strategic thinking, visual observation, and problem-solving skills. One of the games, Balloon Popper, asks players to solve riddles and explore other areas of I Spy in order to find the missing piece to build outrageous "Rube Goldberg" type mechanical contraptions that come alive and pop a balloon upon completion. I Spy is recommended for kids aged 5 through 9, though younger players may require help. Over 1,300 object-and-word searches are built into hundreds of riddles and activities, assuring hours of extraordinary game play and a totally unique puzzle challenge. Children will love I Spy's visually rich and entertaining games, and parents will appreciate the important cognitive skills it teaches.Minimum System Requirements: Macintosh 33 MHz 68L040 or faster processor, System 7.1 or later, 7000 KB available RAM, 5 MB hard disk space available, 640 X 480 display with 256 colors, Double-speed CD-ROM drive. Now also available for Windows.Purchase Information: Available at your favorite software store or call 1-800- SCHOLASTIC (1-800-724-6527) Estimated Price: $29.95Busy Little Brains: Balloon-Popping GameCreated By: Enchanted Learning Software Description: This is one of the 41 activities your child can play in Busy Little Brains. This is a letter-recognition game. Gabby says a letter, and you try to pop the balloon with that letter on it. You can pop a balloon by clicking on the balloon or by typing a letter. Whenever you pop a balloon, you will see a picture of something that starts with that letter. If it is the correctballoon, you also get a gold star. See if you can get all 26 lettersright, as you listen to Mozart playing in the background. This activity is wonderful for learning to associate the spokenletters with the written letters. In the process, children learn theletters and also the numbers, as they keep score of their progress.In addition, it can be useful for teaching typing and using the mouse.Minimum System Requirements: Macintosh computer (or compatible), 8 MB or more of RAM, Double speed CD-ROM drive or faster, Color screen supporting 256 colors (8-bit color mode), System 7.0 or later. Printer optional.Purchase Information: Available at Price: $24.99Checkers Birthday PartyCreated by: LittleFingers SoftwareDescription: Six educational lessons reinforcing the alphabet, colors, shapes, matching and counting.Minimum System Requirements: 68k or Power MacintoshPurchase Information: FreewareDownload (1MB) from: from: Lucky's Water Balloons Created by: Creative Wonders Description: In this game from their School House Rock series, kids age 5 - 8 and up can learn math skills while pelting ducks with harmless water-filled balloons. There are three levels in which you use your rubberband to fling water balloons at the duck holding the correct answer to the math problems at the top of the screen.Minimum System Requirements: not specifiedPurchase Information: FreewareDownload (1MB) from: or from: -related softwareNoneBalloonware for Windows and DOS computersNote: first you might need some programs to uncompress the "zip" files that these games are stored in. Unzipping programs available on the netWinzip. Windows unzipping program.PKzip. DOS unzipping program.PKZip program for DOSZip Explorer Pro. Another unzipping program.eZip Wizard. Another Windows unzipping program, and free for unzipping.NetZIP by SBI.More file compression/decompression utilities for Windows 95/98:Other Files CPU slowdown programs for DOSHow to run DOS games on Windows 95Now, on to the Balloonware (DOS/Windows only)!All fun and games Educational games Business-related software All fun and games Animaniacs Game Pack: Baloney's Balloon BopCreated By: FunnyBone InteractiveDescription: Baloney's Balloon Bop is a fun Breakout-style game in which you move a portable trampoline around with two "animaniacs," bouncing a third, Yakko, up in the air in order to pop balloons over Baloney the dinosaur's head. Certain balloons contain 'surprises' that can be used on Baloney in many amusing ways. For example, some contain anvils, which you can drop on Baloney, who prowls around the bottom of the screen waiting to hug the bouncing animaniac. When dino-hugged, Yakko loses a life, so you want to keep him bouncing and popping balloons--safely out of the reach of Baloney's mitts. Download a free 5-level demo:Minimum System Requirements: Windows: 486/66 or faster (Pentium Recommended) with 16 MB of ram, double speed CD-ROM drive, Win 95 compatible sound card and video card capable of 640x480x256 colors.Purchase Information: Animaniacs Game Pack CD - 5 games - Suggested Retail Price: $24.95.For Sales & Ordering info: (800) 545-7677Download (2.3MB) from: or from: Balloon Challenge v2.0Created By: Soleau Software Inc.Description: Balloon Challenge is a logic, arcade game in which you launch all 5 of your air balloons into a sky maze filled with many different obstacles. Play against the computer as you try to avoid planes, hurricanes and more as you acquire points the higher you get your balloons into the sky. Use your balloons to block your opponent in your quest for the highest scores.Minimum System Requirements: DOS, EGA/VGAPurchase Information: Shareware. Free to download, $12 to register.Download (98KB) from: or from: Balloon PopCreated by eGames.Balloon Pop is a child's game, and part of the eGames "Games for Girls" package. The game works by putting up 64 balloons, which you must then pop when it is your turn. If you pop the balloon, the point value of the balloon is added to your score. If you pop a balloon with a negative point value, that number of points is subtracted from your score! Reflexes and fast evaluation are needed. You will play against the computer, and by all accounts, this simple game quickly becomes very difficult. Good luck!Purchase Information: Shareware - $14.99 to register the game and turn off the intermittent request for payment messages. Purchase will get you this game, and others, on a eGames cd.Minimum system requirements: 8 MB RAM, 4 MB hard drive space, SVGA Video, 80486DZ CPU, Windows 95, 98.Download (2.5 MB) from the or from: BalloonacyCreated By: Agon GamesDescription: Balloonacy is an exciting puzzle game where you match three or more balloons of the same color as they rise up the screen.


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