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I've often wished we could make them prosthetic wings (that's actually done with monarch butterflies). But bee wings are highly complex, with a set of two on either side of the bee, which hook together in flight (with tiny hooks) to form one wing surface.


That's rough, poor little bee. There's no fix (I've heard that butterfly wings are sometimes reparable, but bee wings are small and complex, hinging together... bees actually have four wings, two on each side, that attach together with little hooks when in flight).

I have her near my open window, by the sounds of it she is way calmer already! She's not a big bumblebee like I'm used to saving, I'm trying to figure out which one I'm looking at. Maybe it's a bombus hypnorum, but the eyes are black. So then it'd probably be a bombus pascuorum! Orange thorax, black legs/eyes/antennae, orange little fluffbutt, loooooong tongue. From her size I actually believe she might be the queen, she's almost an inch, but I don't know how else to determine if she is indeed a queen or just a big lady. Today I learned that there are WAY more bumble bees than I thought.

This species really does look like little orange fluffbutts :D 'traditional' bumblebees are way more yellow and round, these are a little more slender and bright orange on thorax and butt. Thank you so much for all the info on this page! You definitely rekindled my love for bees.

I found a bee stumbling around in the grass. It use unable to fly but was budding it's wings well enough. It couldn't fit tho and was just walking super fast dropping off of any elevated platform. I scooped her (?) up to give her some rest. Have her hummingbird nectar we have (fresh) and water, She loved the nectar and drinks off my finger. It is the next morning butt still no flight. She actually seems to prefer just sitting on my hand it my shirt and cleans herself often. Her bum wiggles around, I assume cleaning her legs. Now in in love with her lol. I need her to be okay. Any advice outer know what may be going on with her?

I hope your bee does regain their ability to fly though! That's one thing that I wish we could help them with. There are interventions for monarch butterflies to allow flight after they've lost it, but bee wings differ between bee species considerably. They're also quite complex: all bees have two pairs of wings, and the wings on each side hinge together with little hooks that catch as they extend their wings to fly.

I'm honestly not hopeful that she'll make it through the night, but I am curious if you've tried putting a very small drop of sugar-water right at the tip of her extended tongue? As to any internal parasites she may have (which is just a guess, knowing it's common for them), they'd be bumble-specific, and they'd be confined to her gut, so there's no danger of contaminating your butterfly net. I wish I had a more positive prognosis for you, but her signs are not so good ?

I wish we could repair their wings! In the case of monarch butterflies it's been done, but bees wings are quite complex, they have four, two on each side, which hinge together with little hooks when they go to fly.

Hi there, I was on my building's roof today, and saw this big bee (almost a quarter sized) that was barely moving ,and had its abdomen area throbbing. It was trying to fly, but couldn't really do it, and kept using its back legs to clean its abdomen/butt area. I couldn't tell if it was injured so I tried so many things: sugar water (using both a shallow plastic lid and a dropper to put puddles near its face), moved it to a less windy area, and also a sunnier area - I even put it on a slice of pineapple. It really wanted nothing to do with me and kept moving away from me. I think I saw it suck a little juice off of the pineapple slice for a second before it went off of it. Not sure what else I could do? I have pictures of it, but not sure how to post them.

As far as having a good remaining life, other than shelter and food, and being gentle and kind with your bee, there's little else to be done. I wish there was a way to give them new wings (some monarch butterflies receive wing-repair treatment). I'd take your cues from your bee, as it'll let you know if it's agitated at all. I would doubt it would live as long without its wings, as it may have suffered in other ways owing to having been attacked, but giving it time on flowers in a safe area should help provide it with additional nutritional boosts not found in sugar-water alone.

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(on if he likes growing out of the role of getting yelled at) "Yeah, of course. No one likes getting yelled at. I'm out here busting my butt every day. I expect to get better and this team has very high expectations of them. Even through walkthroughs, were looking to improve." 041b061a72


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