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Theodore Cruz

Download File Hq Private 08.01.rar

"First off, this is a slightly modified version of In Marshall's method from Madden 25 which I will basically be moving here and updating for use on Madden 15.1. At the home screen navigate to share and then download community files, from here download my "Seahawks99" roster by either searching for "Seahawks99" or "IIX DBO XII" (note there are other rosters by other people but none where good enough to last beyond 3 seasons, even ones recomended by people on this site, 3 seasons would not give enough time for the final 3 Legacy achievements, so I recommend getting my Seahawks99 roster)2. After downloading return to the home screen and navigate to customization, from here click manage files and then load roster, making sure to select the Seahawks99 file you just downloaded.3. Return to the homescreen and navigate to play and then connected franchise.4. Click create online.5. Name your team whatever you like.6. Change roster to custom.7. Make the league private.8. Set password to anything.9. At the begin a career screen select coach.10. At the next screen select create coach.11. At the next screen select team builder.12. Now you select the Seahawks as your team, the top four players shown should all be rated 99 meaning everything is correct up-to now.13. At the edit coach screen just click accept and Continue.14. Now, once you get to settings the only things you should change are the difficulty, setting it to All Madden, then you must allow the CPU to sign free agents, re-sign players to contract extensions and develop players, do not change any other settings, simply click start career at the top of the menu.15. Click start online league.16. Start the season.17. Finally click advance week and then click sim 10 years, this process is alot faster than offline so it will only take a couple of minutes to sim the entire 10 years, and every achievement will unlock while it is siming.Thats all there is to it, it looks long winded but I assure you it takes around 15 minutes to finish the whole process and will earn you 10 achievements and 300."

Download File hq private 08.01.rar



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